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My name is Nelliwinne, from one of traditional families of Sri Lanka. I was forced to learn our traditional arts in my childhood, but I decided to find my own way and learn those families traditional too. Our entire villagers did not have electricity until my 25th. However, fortunately I was selected to Law Faculty of University of Colombo, so I came to our capital in my age 18. Therefore, I was curious about IT and specially webs. At the end of the day I became a PHP software Developer and now I have totally forgot about Law and sad to say most of our traditional practice too.

In my 2nd year in law school, I understood that becoming a lawyer is a kind of sin and becoming a Software Engineer is an adventure. Therefore, I started my adventure by starting a Company for Web Developing in 2008. After completing various local and foreign projects, I thought to learn more about Developing than designing. So I started doing web based software for small companies and now I have developed fully featured ERP system and new company for Web Based Software.

In addition, one thing I need to mention here is that I have never completed any degree or gone any IT school to learn. Self-study is my path to wisdom.


WYSIWYG HTML Editor PROPHP based Editor with Image Uploader and more

Simple File Uploader Explorer and Manager - PHP based Secured File Manager

Wikipedia Easy Search Wikipedia API Based PHP Script

Youtube API Search Lite with Multi Pages Simple PHP Integration

Easy Utube Explorer Youtube API based Channel and Search

Youtube Easy Play List Bootstrap based PHP Script

Wiktionary Dictionary Wikipedia API Based PHP Dictionary Script

AWS S3 File Manager and Uploader S3 Bucket API based PHP Script

Google CSE Easy Search Google API PHP Script

Google CSE Easy Search Google API PHP Script

Google CSE Easy Search Google API PHP Script

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